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by Anaria

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Omen 03:24
Follow the road Eastward I’ll go Flames are rising like devils at my back. The sand and sea, they beckon me; can you feel it now, world's goin’ black Pre-Chorus: Carry our defeat Seek out the wise for sword, for war, for fear, in hope that I should find... Chorus: Rise, and echo far and wide for few are left alive to save the souls of those who stand upright. Let the call resound, a savior must be found to put to end this Hollow ceaseless strife. I’ll serve the tale when words have failed. The dust is rising like ash on the air. Dunes meeting sky, rising so high; can you sense it now? There’s poison everywhere. (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus)
Cursed 03:02
I used to dwell in light, A child of peace and love But love betrayed me as it will; She wove a spell of night, Seductive words, ensnared, Casting, condemning me to hell-- Chorus: Crawling inside this skin, I don’t know where I have been. Wake me, I cannot dream, For all I hear are screams. Fell to my knees and begged To spare my tortured heart But no mercy could she find; And so the curse took hold, Thirst for the blood and gold, Into the beast I was confined. (Chorus) Am I a beast or man? Are these daggers or hands? I feel the change coming again. Now, you may see me fly, A fury of the skies! Tremble before my cry For all opposing will die.
Never Stop 02:47
Up, never stop, Never give your spirit up Even when fire surrounds you - Get up now, face the fight, With the enemy in sight - You can’t go back to where you have been Never stop, Never let the devil win Even when hell surrounds you. Oh--Oh--Oh--Oh-- I’ve fallen in a place so deep, Am I awake or am I asleep? This nightmare reigns (like a monster in my mind) It’s pulled me down (leaving all my dreams behind) Chorus: Up, never stop, Never give your spirit up Even when fire surrounds-- Get up now, face the fight, With the enemy in sight - Even when hell surrounds you. I’m trapped inside an iron cage With frightened tears and fists of rage The ashes fall (burn away the truths I’ve found) The toxic air (drowns my soul without a sound) (chorus) Oh--- Oh--- Stand up, I’m facing my foe, No place left for me to go. Stand up, I’m facing my foe, No place left for me to go. (Chorus x2)
How did we end up here Illuminated by recollections Of a better time and place. We ask the difficult questions. I put it all behind me, Still the shadows remind me How your touch was bliss. Reflections fade and time stands still. How, oh, how did it come to this? Chorus; Every dream and every word we shared Are running through my mind. Every moment, every promise; Leaving all those thoughts behind. All that remains Are the shadows floating on the dawn. Memories haunt the sun And ask how everything Had gone so wrong. All the times I should have let you Leave me wanting with a kiss. How could we so knowingly Have let it end like this? (Chorus) Will you ever be more than memory? (Chorus)
Chorus: Waiting for the night to fall upon the day washing all the pain and the guilt away Waiting for the moon To eclipse the sky again Break apart this curse so the war can end. Waiting for the night... What more can I regret when all my sins have left me in shame wasting in loneliness abandoning every claim? (chorus) I will rise once I’ve found you. What more can I submit as payment for the destruction I've caused? This, no, this is it! I will be a demon no more. (chorus)
Exsilium 03:32
One night, the stars bright, extinguished by rising flames, smoke, hate and anguish; The ground shook, the walls cracked, the fire in air, a hurricane of pain and sudden black despair. Chorus: Blame your sin, let the darkness in. Caught within, the light has reached its end. Blame your sin. Let the night fall in; Lost within, Now at our end. The paradox claims its paramore drunk on the prospect of evermore Caverns fold into unfeeling bliss the angry gods roar, burn, and unleash their fists. (Instrumental/Whispers) (Chorus)
Sacrilege 03:44
Darkness, Cold and alone, not a tear to shed, forgotten. The icy sheet of apathy has brought my soul to certain dread. Chorus: Something broke through. Changing everything I knew. Lost in myself Just trying to hold true. Someone broke in, Tried to change me deep within. What’s the price of sin? Of letting chaos win? Shredded, Embrace what I believe. Screaming for someone to save me. The nights go on, The lights turn out bringing me to destiny. (Chorus) (Instrumental) (Chorus)
I followed the storm Through the desert where it dried up in the sun and you were walking in the haze; I knew you were the one. You marched through sand, across barren wasteland, not faltering in the heat and reaching for my hand. Chorus: Journeys do not end, they simply renew; the path I walked in darkness somehow led to you. The skies cannot end, The stars limitless. This path I walked in darkness somehow led to this. You followed the sun to the the mountain where it set into the sky and I was walking through the rain until I saw your eyes. I reveled in the voices singing in the trees not faltering in sight of death But falling to my knees. (Chorus) Were you an exile, too, or a hero of your own design? Coming forth to save the reckless while leaving the wreckage behind? Journeys do not end, they simply renew; the path I walked in darkness somehow led to you.
Level Up 02:58
Chorus: No more do we walk in shadow, No more do we walk in fear, No more do we cling to our hope, for death is surely near. The game is set, the pieces are in play Time to fight, time to even the odds, Let the fires rain, smoke rolling away The final play cast, and we paid the cost (Chorus) Into the wreckage, headlong we plunge, our banners waving tattered and high ripped and stained with our warriors’ blood Battle shouts are filling the skies! (Chorus) No turning back, no running home It's time to level the field Let the stones fall, let the ground quake, we shall not yield. No turning back, no running home, It’s time! Let stones fall, let ground quake, We shall not yield!
Haunted 06:37
I walk these empty halls. Somehow, the light has dimmed. The sun has grown cold. All I hear is distant wind. Gone, but not your memory chiseled in these walls. Taken but not lost to me, I can't escape your calls Chorus: You were everything, my torch to light the way, My angel in a sea of devils darkening day. Your whisper lingers still; your soul upon the night. But I cannot follow through, haunted by the ghost of you. I speak my empty words, no comfort to my soul. The skies have grown dark and I hear the bell toll. Gone, but not from memory, still clinging to your smile; taken far away from me, trapped in my exile (Chorus) My dawn, my evening star. My Eve, my dawn, all that I’ve lost, all that is gone. (Chorus)
I have traveled beyond ocean depths in search of horizons, instead finding death. I have battled with man and with beast in searching for gold, a lust never ceased. Pre-Chorus: Yo, ho, the winner takes all. Yo, ho, if you'll heed the call. Yo, ho, the winner takes all. Yo, ho, if you'll heed the call! Chorus: Across the sea, they're coming for me, they're brigands and thieves murderous and free. Across the sea, they're coming for me; No quarter I’ll give! Hail to your, Hail to your, Hail to your Queen! (Guitar solo) I have conquered the darkest of seas in search of belonging and black destinies. I have taken the treasure you seek. Come bargain with death and listen to me. (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus) Yo ho, will you heed the call? Yo ho, I’ll see that you fall! (Chorus)
I ache for this city of lost dying souls which call and weep in the night so broken and tormented by death and agony! Something must come to an end, The war cries are raging again! Chorus: I come to you on the sands of time to drown the fires and turn the tide. Open your eyes to the sands of time. Leave all your pain and sorrow behind. I thirst for the writing so deep on the walls which quiver like reeds on the shore, but the sea lies between me and savage destiny. Something is bound to begin The war cries are raging again (Chorus) (Breakdown) I hunger, The bloodlust within me still beating For solace amidst all this screaming. If this will be the night, Carry me upon the sands-- Something is begging within The war cries are raging again. (Chorus)
Skinwalker 02:21
I flew the skies and endless night. I walked the seas and sands of time, Walked in your skin and known your pain. It was all nothing and nothing can change. I am here, existing beyond. Your concept of time has all but gone. I’ve always been here in your heart all along, Your journey to the end game, Your search to belong, To belong. (Floating Instrumental) Let them come, let them try to end me. There is nothing here to die. Let them come, try to cut me down; Death has already taken this life.
Boss Fight 03:14
Chorus: (We’re in the end game now) Hold on to the future of (What this) Lonely World could be (Stand up) Hold on to the hope of (Achieving) Our only destiny. The time has come now, We’ve reached the heart of it. No turning back now, Ready to take you. We’ve come this far now With sharpened blade and wit And from the shadows, Soldiering towards the Light! It shines on high! You will rise, triumph or die! (Chorus) We’re in the end game, we’re in the end game. Hearts break but we’ll take the high road For nothing and no one can hold us-- We’re charging forth now To claim our victory. We will not accept surrender Or defeat! We’re rising up now To take what we have earned Through every trial. Oh how the tables Turned! The end is nigh! You will rise, triumph or die! We have reached the end game, Stand, fight, remember your name! The time is now, we’ve leveled up, We’ve found our reason. The lies end now, we lay to rest What laid waste to dreaming. (Chorus)
Sweet Prince 03:45
Sweet lullaby, sing away terrors of this night; the words etched in steel for flame and sacrifice. Dark mystery, salvation in death's embrace! When all has gone to ruin and the ruin’s gone to waste. Chorus: We write the words that endure for years to come We sing the songs that stir our generation. Sweet prince of mine, what specters we have become! Trading soul for spectacle, it's no wonder we're undone. Devil of my heart, I came to save but fell. The words we sang for heaven brought us through this hell. (Chorus) (Solo) (Chorus) Angel of death, may you find rest when wings have failed, I cast you out, I take you in, we sing again until we meet our end.


"Exile" embarks on a musical journey of human emotion, exploring themes of love, loss, fear, hope, and vengeance. It also explores the gray area of man versus monster, bringing listeners through the fires of self-destruction to growth and change. The story is told through a host of characters at various stages of life, culminating in one epic battle of self-actualization.


released December 25, 2020

Produced by: Wildthorn Productions

Special thanks to
Chris Dovas // Drums on tracks: 1, 3-9, 11-12, 14-15
Peter de Reyna // Bass on tracks: 7, 12


all rights reserved



Anaria Boston, Massachusetts

Anaria is a genre-defying band hailing from New England who experiments with symphonic metal, modern rock, cinematic scoring, and pop arrangements.

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