Seasons of the Mind Vol. 1 Inception

by Anaria

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released May 16, 2015


all rights reserved



Anaria Boston, Massachusetts

Melding power and beauty, Anaria leads the nation in defining American Symphonic Metal, forging unique and memorable melodies -- while retaining both strength and grace in delivery.

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Track Name: Ignition
My life was a thousand pictures that remind me of your face
and in the dark, your smile burns away into the painful memory of this place

I think I, could have you, but I am afraid that I
could somehow, still lose you, we would ignite and then burn out.
We're raging like a fire, burning higher by the hour
We're raging like a fire, burning high into the sky.

Our love was a photograph of lovers and heroes singin' how
our fingers were entwined so deep, so lost in satin and shadows


We're burning up
We're going down
We're burning up
You're going, I'm going, we are going--

We live - we die - we dream to testify
We reach - we fall - trust time to heal it all
We were - we are - we will be burning stars
We love - we lust - we grind our tears to dust

Track Name: Intoxicate
Reveal to me your deepest secrets; have no fear, they are
but whispers in your heart
Steal my breath, taken by the hour; as you drag me down
and drown me in your dark
My strength wanes with every rush; You intoxicate my mind,
I close my eyes to your touch
until your night promises make me blind.

Let me sing your music
Let me be your melody
I'm terrified to let go - in this darkness, I can't see.
Lead me through your story,
open your eyes so that I can see.
You've watched me fall, you've watched me fall,
fall until I wake, intoxicate.

Deceive me with your promises—in this world, I'm forced
to face your evil.
Losing sight of the approaching dawn; I cling to what is left
of your dark ego.
Your silent whispers burn; they threaten to pursue me to our end.
And I'll still be here when the red dawn rises,
and I know I can no longer deny this.


My flame is dying out; you intoxicate my mind.
Whispering your name like a prayer into the dark,
until your night promises make me blind.

Chorus x2
Track Name: Aurora
Right here we meet
on the edge of defeat
We'd given up hope that
our rescue would come.
We are what we are
fight our way through the dark
we're looking for something
that makes it worth all the pain.

Our stars are going out,
We fight the dark. Whoa--

They say we're survivors;
We walk through the fire and
we hold on to something
we dream and believe.
We must be survivors;
We walk the horizon
in search of our longing
dreams and desires.

Here we are
We've come so far
and now we discover
we're strong after all.
As strong as we are,
we're still fighting the dark
the dark that's inside us
a dark in us all.


Our stars are going out, we fight the dark.

Chorus (x2)

Our stars are going out. Our stars are going out.
Track Name: Covet
I need to know what is this voice inside my head?
(Like a devil begging for release)
It screams so loudly in words I can't hope to understand?
(I need a plan to set it free)

I cannot control my instincts to take hold,
I cannot control myself when I'm around you
when I feel your fire run through my veins,
you take my will, consume me.

I can see all my intentions bleeding through
(I'm obsessed with all you do)
All these words are screaming images of you
(And I am plagued by my need for you)


When I see you, I just need you
Cause I feel you, and/you know I burn for you


I am raw, I am forsaken, I am ecstasy
(Will you come to me, come to me)
I cannot find any thoughts of propriety
(And I am bound to your devilry)

Track Name: Constellations
Here I am, I am looking for the impossible,
Here I stand, I'm feeling so invisible, invisible
Like a wave, I'm overwhelmed by what's outside,
Can you save me, come and make me feel alive, I feel alive.
And you make me feel alive, Find the strength inside,
Make me feel alive, Leave this all behind

This was a beautiful night, but I'm afraid we'll burn out
before there's time to take hold, there's something more I need;
You think we're falling in love, but I'm afraid we'll fall out
and make this permanent.

Here I am, I'm but a child in the dark,
Curious, I'm seeking new life in the stars, life in the stars
Can you find me in the stars, Open up your arms,
Find me in the stars, fade into the dark.


This was a beautiful night, but I'm afraid we'll burn out and make this permanent.
You think we're falling in love, but I'm afraid we'll fall out and make this permanent.

You found me in the stars, the farthest years apart,
You found me in the stars, slow my aching heart.

(chorus x2)

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